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Hurghada – Verão 2021

Desde 770€

Porto Santo – Venda Antecipada

Desde 610€

Djerba – Verão 2021

Desde 630€

Varadero – Verão 2021

Desde 1020€
CHICHEN ITZA, MEXICO - SEPTEMBER 29:  Tourists enjoys the Cenote Ik Kil outside of Chichen Itza, Mexico. Cenotes are massive sinkholes formed when the ceiling of a cave collapses underwater, creating a network of underwater caverns in crystal clear water that divers come from around the world to explore. In ancient times, cenotes served as the Mayan civilizations only source of water and were also held as being sacred to the Mayan People. They believed that the sinkholes represented a passage to the underworld, or "Xibalba in the Mayan language. Archaeologists have found fossils of mammoths, massive jaguars, and sloths in these underground cave systems, as well as human bones indicating ritual sacrifice and human presence in the cenotes as far back as 9,000 years ago. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images for Lumix)

México – Verão 2021

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Republica Dominicana – Verão 2021

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Be Smart Terrace

Be Smart Terrace Algarve – Antecipação

Desde 27€
Be live palmeiras village praia

Be Live Family Palmeiras Village All Inclusive – Antecipação

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